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Study Abroad: Find Someone To Take Over Your Lease Here!

Studying abroad next year? Plan ahead by posting/searching here to find others interested in splitting leases.

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Dec 10, 2016

Want out of dorms for summer A ?? summer B or all summer 1 views

4/2 one room available but others girls will be gone most of the summer Possible other room if you have a friend you want to share with. Roy...

Dec 07, 2016

Spring 2017-Mid Summer Sublease 9 views

I'm looking for a sublease at The Enclave Apartments. Rent is 570$, willing to negotiate, subleasing fees will be covered! I'm doing an inte...

Dec 06, 2016

1 Room Sublease for Summer 2017 in 4/4 at Oxford Terrace 2 12 views

I'm looking for someone to sublease my room next summer at Oxford Terrace 2! I live with two guys and one girl, but not sure who will be her...

Dec 10, 2016

FALL ONLY 2017 sublease needed 24 views

I plan to study abroad spring 2018 and work in the summer so don't want to sign a lease for a year!! If you have signed a lease but will be ...

Dec 01, 2016

$550 Summer 2017 Sublease @ Lux 13 Apartments 37 views

Willing to negotiate price. I am subleasing out a room in a 4/4. Girls only! Only a few minute drive to UF/downtown and 10 minute drive to ...

Nov 28, 2016

$650 Sublease in Campus View Place for Spring AND/OR Summer 2017! 26 views

I am looking for someone to sublease out my room in a 3/3! I live with two other girls, so it would have to be a female. I pay $830 plus uti...

Nov 27, 2016


My room (fully furnished) is available for spring and summer 2017. The location is absolutely perfect because you can walk to the campus (2-...

Nov 27, 2016

$390 furnished :1/1 in a 4/4; sublease spring or summer 70 views

Private bedroom and bathroom available Jan. 1, 2016; Countryside by the University. Bus service to UF; close to Butler plaza; $390/mo all...

Nov 28, 2016


Hello!! I am looking for someone to sublease my room in a 3 bed-2 bath at Royal Village Apartments for the upcoming Spring Semester. Rent is...

Nov 25, 2016

Sublease! 33 views

Hey, I'm subleasing my room at Campus Club Apartments for this Spring and summer 2017. It's a 4/3 and not too far from campus, with bus acce...

Nov 23, 2016

Subleasing 1/1 in a 3/3 at Enclave Spring & Summer 2017 45 views

Rent is $585 - Buses 34, 35, 38 usually come by every 15-20 minutes - Furnished kitchen and bedroom; washer & dryer included - I would pay ...

Nov 22, 2016

Sublease for Spring and Summer 2017 (cheap rent) 49 views

Hello my name is Arlet, I have a room at Lexington Crossings (phase B) that I am looking to sublease to someone for spring and summer. The r...

Nov 21, 2016

Furnished 1/1 in 4/4 Countryside at University available Dec 1 44 views

One full furnished bed room with personal bath room will be available in a 4/4 condo in countryside at university from Dec 1st,2016. $400/M ...

Nov 21, 2016

1/1 in a 2/2 2nd Ave Centre Spring Summer Sublease 49 views

Hey everyone! Great 1/1 available in a 2/2 at 2nd Ave Centre starting in spring! My roommate and I will be studying abroad and need someone ...

Nov 21, 2016

Spring and Summer 2017 Sublease- $500 for a 1/1 in a 2/2 at Cazabell... 27 views

I need to sublease a 1/1 in a 2/2 at Cazabella Apartments on 34th for the spring and summer. Rent is $500 and includes water, cable and inte...

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