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Study Abroad: Find Someone To Take Over Your Lease Here!

Studying abroad next year? Plan ahead by posting/searching here to find others interested in splitting leases.

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Nov 28, 2015

2 Bedroom/2 Bath Enclave Apartments Sublease for Spring and Summer S... 15 views

Whole apartment is for rent. Washer and dryer included in unit. Fully furnished. Pets are welcome! Granite counter-tops in kitchen with nice...

Nov 24, 2015

Spring/Summer Sublease 2BR / 2Ba at Woodlands (ENTIRE UNIT) 15 views

Now subleasing a WHOLE UNIT 2BR / 2Ba garden at the Woodlands of Gainesville! My friend and I are graduating this year and will be moving t...

Nov 23, 2015

Subleasing 1 BR/BA for Spring 2016 23 views

Renting out 1 BR/1 BA in a 4/4 at Countryside Apartments! For Spring 2016 (January-May) and possibly Summer 2016 as well For female, prefera...

Nov 23, 2015

$500 Quiet TOP FLOOR FULLY FURNISHED 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom for SPRING... 29 views

My brother and I have been living here since August of 2014 and have loved the place so far. No problems whatsoever. We are both moving and...

Nov 23, 2015


Im tranferring to UF so i want to move closer. The crossings is awesome for SF students! Let me know if you want to take over

Nov 19, 2015

Spring/Summer Sublease $615 4/4 at University House 37 views

Nov 19, 2015

Spring Sublease! (Also Summer if interested) $590 4/4 49 views

I will be taking an internship next sring and I'm looking to sublease my place for the spring from January to May, and can also do summer if...

Nov 18, 2015

Spring/Summer Sublease 6 Blocks from campus 32 views

***Reduced Rent*** Hi everyone! I am subleasing a 1/1 in a 2/2 setup six blocks from campus at University House Apartments on 13th St! This...

Nov 17, 2015

Spring/Summer Lease 2016 30 views

Come live 3 minutes from library West in a 2/1 bedroom apartment rent:$389.50 wifi:$28.00 electricity:$65-75.00

Nov 15, 2015

Spring Sublease Available - Furnished Studio at UF Continuum for Gra... 56 views

Studio Apartment for $769/month (utilities included). Sublease for the University of Florida sponsored Continuum Graduate Community from Jan...

Nov 14, 2015

Spring/Summer Sublease Available 1/1 in a 3/3 Spyglass Apartments 29 views

Looking to sublease my room to a student for spring/summer. (Jan 1-July 31) Apartment itself is on the second floor. You will be getting ...

Nov 12, 2015

Spring/Summer Sublease at Gainesville Place (guys or girls) 38 views

Subleasing my room at Gainesville Place for Spring 2016 / Summer 2016 (just Spring is fine)! It's a 4/4 so you have your own bathroom. T...

Nov 18, 2015

Spring + Summer Sublease at Campus Lodge $469 a month 27 views

Renting out 1 room of a 4/4 at Campus Lodge. So you will have your own room and bathroom. Rent is $469 a month which includes a $40 allowanc...

Nov 09, 2015

Spring Semester Sublease Available, Campus Lodge 46 views

Looking for someone to rent 1 room out of a 4/4. At Campus Lodge. Rent is $455 a month and would be renting from January through the end of ...

Nov 08, 2015


I am graduating in December and need someone to take over my lease in a 4/2 at Social28 for the Spring and Summer! There is also another emp...

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